Kuva: Martti Pohjosaho

Matti Auerkallio


ESP LTD B-205, fretless 5-string Warwick Rockbass, cheap but I make it work

Other interests besides music:
Strength training, big fan of mixed martial arts

Other bands:
I've done several solo albums where I play and sing everything myself, always working on a new one. I also play guitar in Manzana, drums in Ultimatium and I have some new stuff always going on. If you're interested, you're better off finding my page Matti Auerkallio Official in Facebook and keeping an eye on that.

Top 4: (17.12.2018)
1. Making new music
2. Laughing and smiling with friends
3. Terrible, horrible bad jokes and dark humour
4. Being left alone

Favourite drink:
Self-made hybrid of fisu/salmiakki vodka

Bad habits:
I can be an asshole sometimes, among other things. Working on it.

"You have found me broken, lying in pain, covered in scars. It is true, I've never been this weak before... But I'm still a giant."

Thoughts, feelings (yuck...), things that provoke them such as films, TV shows, science, music, comic books actually a lot, like Deadpool and Wolverine. Things in life that make you struggle and force you to dig deep to find strength to keep moving forward. Spinning plates in a thunderstorm.

Kai Leikola - vocals
Aapeli Kivimäki - guitars
Jari Kinnunen - guitars
Matti Auerkallio - bass
Aaro Lappalainen - drums

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