Kuva: Maija Ranka

Jarno Laitinen

Fender Bass

Fender Jazz Bass Reggie Hamilton Custom, Little Mark Rocker 500, MarkBass Standard 104HR

Other interests besides music:
Science, travelling (without moving)

Other bands:

Top 3,5: (19.01.2012)
1. Coffee
2. Underwear
3. The becoming adventures in the universe of visible light
3,5. Emmää ny saatana näi

Favourite drink:
Ein pint of yarr famoust beer, por favor

Bad habits:
Smoking crack and worshipping Satan. Being a bit too introvertic in suspicious exteriors

"When you look into an abyss, the abyss looks also into you." -Friedrich Nietsche

"Mitä sitte?" -Martti Mielikäinen

Lauri Porra, Flea, Jarkko Martikainen, Mikael Åkerfeldt, a million season-twined bands, anyone with the gift of Grooves and Moves, Death and all His friends

Kai Leikola - vocals
Aapeli Kivimäki - guitars
Aki Hartikainen - guitars
Jarno Laitinen - bass
Aaro Lappalainen - drums

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