DECEMBER, 24TH // 2019


Merry Christmas and an awesome New Year to all you metalheads out there!


As a little christmas present we invite you to burn away your New Year's hangover with SOULFALLEN at a little place called Seinäjoki!


PS: stay tuned for an update about the recording process of the new album in the coming weeks.





JUNE, 13TH // 2019


Our new We are the sand - 15 year anniversary t-shirts are now available at our webshop! 

Get yours now!




MAY, 21TH // 2019


The Hatefeast draws near and we are proud to announce that we too have something special planned for these events!


On the feast we will launch the sale of our own 15-year anniversary t-shirts! The t-shirts are available in both black and white design.


Be sure to come and grab your own!





MARCH, 7TH // 2019


Bang! We are excited beyond words to share with you all some really great news: We will be playing three very special shows this May with our friends Shade Empire celebrating their 20th year anniversary! The shows will take place in Helsinki, Tampere and Kuopio and include some very special guests as well.


And yes, we will be playing new material. So be sure to get your ticket today!


22.5.2019 On the Rocks, Helsinki w/ Shade Empire, Ereb Altor

23.5.2019 YO-talo, Tampere w/ Shade Empire, Ereb Altor

25.5.2019 Ottopoika, Kuopio w/ Shade Empire, Demilich, Survivors Zero




JANUARY, 16TH // 2019


Greetings, friends! Just wanted to let you know that our third album ‘The Promise of Hell’ is now digitally available from all the major streaming services, including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon music, Google play, Deezer, Tidal, etc. Enjoy!



JANUARY, 1ST // 2019


Happy New Year.


As promised, it is time to shed more darkness on some of our most evil plans. During the preproduction of our fourth album it slowly became clear to us that we have been in fact writing material for not one but for two separate albums. Two different albums that will be recorded and released separately but once aligned they will form something greater than the sum of its parts. Remember when we said we can’t seem to do anything on a small scale!


Musically the two albums will be different in character, mirror images of each other in a way, pushing the SOULFALLEN sound to new heights and extremes. Like two different branches of the same tree, the albums will still be woven together from their very core. Lyrically the two albums will form one coherent stand-alone story set in the same universe but aeons after the events of the World Expiration trilogy. The music will go hand in hand with two very different acts of the story creating thematically one hell of a ride through time and space, life and death, beauty and horror. Expect to be blown away!


Needless to say we are all more than excited about all of this! The recordings of the first of these albums will begin in the coming months and we will be keeping a studio diary of the process. Be sure to check it out for a taste of darkness to come!



NOVEMBER, 21TH // 2018


Big news! We are proud to announce that the preproduction for our fourth album is complete. We wish to thank all you for your patience. It took a while longer than expected as it seems we are unable to do anything on a small-scale. But before more news about the upcoming album, it is time to look back and wrap up the old ones. 


In 2012 we decided not to release The Promise of Hell digitally due to poor artist royalties from digital sales and streaming services, and instead offer the album ourselves. Since then we have received countless requests from you, the fans, from all around the globe to make our music available in various digital formats. Because of these requests and the fact that it is a different world in 2018 we have decided to go ahead with the release. One can flog a dead horse for only so long and in the end music should be made accessible to the listener. We will be closing our campaign by the end of the year and wish to thank everyone who has participated in it. Your names will be remembered. 


We have also had some lineup changes as Aki chose to step down from his guitarist duties. As our new 2nd guitarist we are extremely proud to welcome our long-time friend and brother-in-arms Jari Kinnunen from Lucidity (they have a new album coming out too, check them out!). Jari has already blended into the dark mold nicely and taken a role in the production process. We feel that again through change our strength has increased.


A greater darkness lies on the horizon. Stay tuned for an update about the album recording process before the year is done.



NOVEMBER, 8TH // 2014


It has been some time since our last update and it is time to let you know what we’ve been cooking and address some risen concerns. First things first, we are still very much alive!


As some of you may already know, our guitarist Aapeli has joined the Finnish symphonic death metal band Shade Empire (check them out, they’re awesome!) but rest assured: he is not going anywhere from Soulfallen. We have shared the stage with SE in the past and you can expect more collaboration with them in the future.


There have been some changes in the lineup though, as our long time bass player Jarno decided to step down from the band (and from Finland!) and we are extremely proud to announce the return of the multi-instrumentalist and former member Matti Auerkallio as our new bass player! Matti has already played with us on a couple of shows last year, filling in for Jarno, and things have fallen into place smoothly.


We are also pleased to say that the writing process for our fourth album is proceeding as planned! We took some time to finish off some off-band projects, refueling our black hearts with the plague, and now we are full and aflame with new musical aspiration. We also took a deliberate break from live shows, but 2015 will mark our return to stage with new killer material for your ears. Majestic melancholic madness will be unleashed!


Last but not least, we wish to thank all of You for your patience and support during all this time! Darkness is on the horizon. Stay tuned for more.



FEBRUARY, 23TH // 2013


Here it is! We are proud to introduce the latest addition to our merchandise family: The Soulfallen Beanie! The beanies are Finnish high quality products - not your average run of the mill cheaply made ones. The first batch is only 50 items, so be sure to get yours before they run out!

Unit price 20e. 


Stay warm, stay cool!



In other news, our first show in 2013 will be in Freetime, Jyväskylä on March 8th! Be sure to be there!



JANUARY, 27TH // 2013


Greetings! Just wanted to wish you all a great New Year! Better late than never, right. You can check out our official New Year's greeting from


And it's not just any year, since 2013 marks the ten year anniversary of SOULFALLEN! Time does fly fast! We can tell you we have something special in mind for this special year, but details of that will reveal themselves later. All the same, be sure to stay tuned!


Last but not least, we are proud to notice that our most popular song on YouTube, a fan video for the song We Are The Sand made by Nightfallrose, has reached 100,000 views! Thanks for watching!



DECEMBER, 7TH // 2012


We are emptying our closets and it is time for:


christmas sale


Get the best present for Christmas: an official Soulfallen product!


Act fast, because there are only a limited number of items with random sizes left! First-come, first-serve!


Check out the products and sizes from our merchandise section!



OCTOBER, 18TH // 2012


Kai was interviewed by playdeadnation. Check out the interview from here!



AUGUST, 22TH // 2012


Soulfallenin uusin musiikkivideo 'Scars Aligned' on ehdolla Oulun Musiikkivideofestivaalin kansanäänestyksessä! Käy äänestämässä parasta videota numerolla #262! Äänestysaikaa lauantaihin asti, joten toimi heti. Soulfallen kiittää nöyrästi kaikkia tukijoita!

Soufallen's latest music video 'Scars Aligned' is nominated in a famous Music video festival held in Oulu, Finland! Please vote for us, the number is #262! (The page is in Finnish, though). Soulfallen thanks for your support!

Äänestä tästä! / Click here to vote!



MARCH, 24TH // 2012


Kai was interviewed by Heavy Music, the russian metal website. Check out the interview from here!


FEBRUARY, 26TH // 2012


Our 'The Promise of Hell' tour continues. Confirmed dates so far:

10.3. Bar 15, Seinäjoki

14.4. Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu

16.5. Klubi,Tampere

See you there!


FEBRUARY, 21TH // 2012


We are proud to inform you that our latest music video 'Scars Aligned' made it to the Top video of the week section of Disturbia magazine!

Check it out here!


In another story, Kai, Aapeli and Jarno were interviewed by Campus Entertainment by Karolína Pánková. Check out the interview from here!


FEBRUARY, 16TH // 2012


Kai and Aapeli from SOULFALLEN will be promoting our new album 'The Promise of Hell' at Finnish Metal Expo 2012 on 17.-18.2.2012. We will be there on both days and you can find us at the Inverse Records stand.

From the stand we will be selling our brand spanking new 'The Promise of Hell' t-shirts and hoodies! (See pics from below).


We also something special in store for you all...


Since our second album 'Grave New World' has been practically sold out, we decided to do something special just for our fans. On Friday 17th we will release a special edition of 'Grave New World' with all the three tracks from our second demo 'Death of the Tyrant' as bonus tracks! People have been asking a lot about the sold out demo and we decided to kill two saints with one stone, and release the demo tracks this way for all the world to see. The new special edition will be available first time ever on FME 2012, so make sure to come and get your copy!



'The Promise of Hell' and 'World Expiration' albums will also be sold there, if you still don't own one...


See you there!


'The Promise of Hell' t-shirt!


'The Promise of Hell' hoodie!


FEBRUARY, 13TH // 2012


Brand spanking new 'The Promise of Hell' merchandise has arrived! It will be sold tomorrow exclusively on our show at Lutakko, Jyväskylä and after tomorrow from our official website here at!

Pics of the new models will be published shortly!


FEBRUARY, 8TH // 2012


It makes us proud to announce that 'The Promise of Hell' received #10 in the official album charts collected by Rumba (One of Finland's biggest music magazines) and #46 in the official Finnish album charts concerning album sales!

Thank you all for your support!


JANUARY, 18TH // 2012


Our third album titled 'The Promise of Hell' was released in Finland today. Due to reasons stated in the following statement we decided to make the whole album available for downloading for free from our official site at We hope you will enjoy the new album and see you on the road!


"Playing in a band for many years and previously releasing two albums, we have discovered that due to the funding policies of various sites that sell music as downloads or provides streaming services, there is very little capital to be gained this way for the ones who have in fact created the music - the band. For this reason we have chosen to take measures into our own hands. From this day forth our third album 'The Promise of Hell' will be available for downloading for free from our official website at Yes, you heard right, it will be available FOR FREE.

In addition to making our new album available, we have posted a donate-button to our official website where anyone who downloads the new album can make A VOLUNTARY DONATION via PayPal that will go directly to the band. This way we hope to give direct means for anyone who has enjoyed and wishes to support the music of Soulfallen.

And there is a catch. Anyone who donates 2 euros or more and leaves us with their name details, will get their name printed on the booklet of our fourth album once it comes out in the future as our gratitude for your personal support.

We hope you will enjoy our new album and support the bands you wish to continue making music also in the future."




Download new album 'The Promise of Hell' from here.

JANUARY, 15TH // 2012

We are extremely proud to present the official music video for the song 'Scars Aligned' from the upcoming new album 'The Promise of Hell'! The video was made by CoreCrew. Check it out!



DECEMBER, 23TH // 2011


Soulfallen would like to wish you all a hellish Christmas and an infernal New Year! It has been a good year for us despite its challenges. We've played some good shows with great bands, met some really cool people, but most of all we have recorded our third album! At this point we would like to take the time to thank you all for the support during the year(s). We are truly humbled by the feedback we have received from you all.

As our Christmas present we present you our first official single 'Dead and Dying' from our upcoming album 'The Promise of Hell'! Hopefully this will get you through the holidays and see you all on the road in 2012 - The year of Hell!

Yours, Soulfallen

DECEMBER, 16th // 2011

You can now pre-order 'The Promise of Hell' from Record Shop X! They support credit card & Paypal payments and ship worldwide, so make sure to order your copy today!


DECEMBER, 1st // 2011

Big news! It makes us extremely proud to announce that our new album 'The Promise of Hell' will be released on January 18th 2012! It will be released by our own label 'Grave New Music' and distributed by Inverse Records/Supersounds (Finland), Plastic Head (UK), Bertus (Holland), Sound Pollution (Sweden), Disk Union (Japan), The End Records (USA), Rebeat (Austria), Non Stop (Switzerland), and LSP/MetalZone (Belgium). The cover art for 'The Promise of Hell' was made by Maija Ranka ( and will look as follows.

Click to enlarge

For your first real taste of Hell, a teaser of the new album is now available (see below) featuring music from all the songs from 'The Promise of Hell'. Later this month we will also release the new track 'Dead and Dying' as the first official single.

"The new album will be the final part of a trilogy, the closing of a chapter. It will bear the trademark sound of Soulfallen with some new flavours directly from the ever-burning kitchens of Hell. The story will continue where Grave New World left off: at the burial of the world. Something has gone terribly wrong and life has united with death in a way never seen before. Humanity is not allowed rest but trapped in a Hell where even death cannot save those already dead." Explains frontman/vocalist Kai Leikola. "Expect one Hell of a journey into an inferno of soul tearing sadness, unearthly ires and all the creatures caught in between."

At this point we must also announce that there have been some lineup changes within the band. Our longtime guitarist Simo and our drummer Matti have decided step down due to personal reasons. There was no drama involved, but merely they felt they could not give the band a 100% and decided it was their time to move on. These changes will not affect the release of the album nor our upcoming live shows in 2012, that will be played with a renewed lineup. So make sure to catch us live on our The Promise of Hell -tour 2012! All in all we wish to thank Simo and Matti for all the years in Soulfallen and wish them all the best in the future!

To end on a positive note, we are glad to announce we have also made a music video of the song 'Scars Aligned' that will be released along with the new album in January 2012. The video was shot this autumn and will feature guest vocal appearance by Annika Jalkanen.

So count your days, expect the worst and stay doomed for 2012 will be the year of Hell!

"Beyond worlds expired and graved
Past false hopes of being saved
Between life and death enslaved
We are the fallen"

AUGUST, 23th // 2011

It is finished! We are extremely pleased to announce that the recordings have ended and our third album is now complete! The third act of Hell was recorded during the infernal months of July / August 2011 at Studio Watercastle by the notorious Arttu Sarvanne and mastered at Finnvox Studios by the infamous Mika Jussila. All going according to our evil plans the release will take place in late 2011! Stay doomed for more information.

The tracklist for 'The Promise of Hell' will be:

1. The Birth of Newfound Death
2. Questions and Answers
3. Ghosts
4. Scars Aligned
5. The Silence of the Storm
6. Cold Beneath the Sun
7. Dead and Dying
8. Bring Me My Demons
9. At The Heart of Dying

AUGUST, 10th // 2011

It gives us great pleasure to inform you all that we have successfully finished the recordings of our third album! Next up the masterpiece will be mastered at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila next week!

JULY, 4th // 2011

Today is begins! The circle draws to a close as we plunge into the fiery depths of Studio Watercastle to spawn our third descent into madness. The third horror titled "The Promise of Hell" will be recorded during the hellish months of July / August with additional orchestrations bred at Noisework Productions. In this third and final chapter of the trilogy, consisting again of nine hellbreathing anthems of the coming plague, the flames have grown ever higher from infernal blasts of agony to soul tearing sadness; and all the little demons in between.
The world has expired, the burials have been held and now it is time for Hell!

Witness the flames at

FEBRUARY, 14th // 2011

We have been quiet for some time now, but now it is time to break the silence. Lately there have not been a lot of gigs, and we will only do a selected amount of shows this spring, since we have been and wish to concentrate on writing new material fitting our upcoming evil plans. Plans that include the recording of our third album in the summer of 2011!

The successor of Grave New World will be forged to life at the familiar and fiendly fires of Mount Doom also known as Studio Watercastle, located in Jyväskylä, Finland. And as before, additional orchestral perversions will be invoked at Noisework productions. The new album will be the end of a trilogy, the final step into the dark. It will bear the trademark sound of Soulfallen, but with a few more sinister twists and turns to elevate this auditory plague into whole new depths of gloom. We can't wait for you all to feast your ears upon this!

There are still questions left unanswered regarding the release of this third chapter of horror, however, we are in high hopes that the scourge will be out by the end of 2011! So wait. Worry. And stay tuned, for we will be giving updates of our third descent into Hell as spring turns into yet another infernal summer...

And there is more. Since we will be having a new album out, we thought it would be fitting to update our merchandise as well. We have now ordered our last batch of Grave New World t-shirts and hoodies, so if any of you are still planning on getting one, this will be your last chance! Act now, for soon it will be too late.

DECEMBER, 10th // 2010

We regret to inform you that due to circumstances unrelated to us, our show in Moscow next week has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope to reschedule a new show there in the near future.

NOVEMBER, 9th // 2010

Pack your bags, we're going to Russia! It makes us extremely proud to announce that we will be headlining a show in Moscow on December 15th! The event will be called Constellation of Dark Metal II and it will held the club called Tochka.

It's been two years since our last visit to Russia and needless to say that we are very excited to come back! Hope to see you all there!

SEPTEMBER, 30th // 2010

Kai and Aapeli interviewed by Spirit of Metal Webzine and Metal World. Same interview, different language. Enjoy!

AUGUST, 30th // 2010

It took a while longer than we expected, but our tour diary from the Burying the Baltics Tour is finally online at Enjoy!

AUGUST, 25th // 2010

Just wanted to let you know that Soulfallen is now also available on Spotify!

AUGUST, 24th // 2010

We just returned from an excellent tour in the Baltics and wish to thank everyone for making it possible: all the promoters, all the bands we shared the stage with, our amazing crew, and last but not least everyone who came to see the shows! Thank you so much!!! We had a blast and can't wait to get back!

As some may have noticed, we experienced some difficulties updating the tour diary, but we'll try to get it online as soon as possible. So stay tuned!

AUGUST, 15th // 2010

And here we go. A tour diary following every step of the way will be available at
See you on the other side!

AUGUST, 4th // 2010

It took a little longer than expected, but finally it has arrived. The complete venue list for our amazing Burying the Baltics Tour 2010! The dates and venues will be as follows:

17.08.2010 New York Club, Vilnius, LITHUANIA (+ Cannibal Corpse, Torture Killer & Paralytic)
19.08.2010 Bermudai, Vilnius, LITHUANIA (+ Rencor)
20.08.2010 RO-RO Art Club, Narva, ESTONIA (+ Teardown)
21.08.2010 Rockclub Tapper, Tallinn, ESTONIA (+ Teardown)

So see you there! We will also be keeping a blog about the tour, but more about that later.

MAY, 29th // 2010

I think it is time to let you know what we have been up to lately. It makes us extremely proud to announce that we will be doing a small tour in the Baltics in August 2010, a tour that will climax in us supporting none other than Cannibal Corpse in Vilnius, Lithuania on the 17th! Needless to say we are all very psyched about it.
More details about the tour & other venues will be announced later. So stay tuned!

MAY, 21st // 2010

Kai interviewed by! Check it out! (Only in Russian)

MARCH, 16th // 2010

Kai was interviewed at the Wyldstone Hotseat #1 at Wyldstone Metal! Check out the interviews from here.

MARCH, 1st // 2010

Just wanted to say that our Grave New Finland tour last month was a success! We'd like to thank all the venues, our excellent road crew, our brothers in harm Descend & Preach and of course everyone who came to the shows! We had a blast! Hope to see you all soon.

We also have some new shows coming later this spring, that you can check out from our live-section. See you on the road!

JANUARY, 26th // 2010

It took a while but now they are here!
Grave New World t-shirts and hoodies are now available at the merchandise-section.
Get yours now!

DECEMBER, 16th // 2009

Big news! We are proud to announce that Soulfallen is now a six-piece! Both our long-time session keyboard player Antti Simonen as well as our long-time friend and bass virtuoso Jarno Laitinen have joined our ranks to handle the keyboard & bass duties. From now on Kai will be concentrating full-time on oral malevolence.

And there is more! On February 2010 we'll be doing a minitour in Finland with our friends from Sweden Descend and Preach. The tour dates are as follows:

11.2.2010 Henry's Pub, Kuopio
12.2.2010 Lutakko, Jyväskylä
13.2.2010 Dante's Highlight, Helsinki

So remember to check 'em out 'cause with this new lineup we bury worlds!

And finally for all those who dont have our albums yet, check out this amazing christmas offer from Off Store! (Only in Finland)



NOVEMBER, 19th // 2009

Time has come to give your vote to the best Finnish metal bands, albums & artists of 2009. Since our new album 'Grave New World' came out this year, we implore you all who have enjoyed our music to vote for us. In addition to best album and band you can also vote for us as individuals.
Cast your vote at:
It will only take a minute of your time, but it means a great deal to us.
Soulfallen thanks you for your support!

SEPTEMBER, 27th // 2009

Word just in that we'll be supporting Swallow The Sun at Lutakko, Jyväskylä, on November 22th! So make sure you're there!

SEPTEMBER, 10th // 2009

Kai & Aapeli interviewed at Metal Temple, the #1 Greek Metal Online magazine!
Read the interview from here.

SEPTEMBER, 8th // 2009

The cancellations keep on coming, apparently. Due to a scheduling error made by the venue, our show at On The Rocks on Sep 15th has been cancelled.
Hopefully a replacement show will be scheduled soon. We apologise for any inconvenience (although it wasn't our fault).

AUGUST, 28th // 2009

New live dates for autumn 2009! Be sure to be there as we bury the world near your hometown venue after another...

15.09.2009 On The Rocks, Helsinki (+ Pressure Points) CANCELLED!
18.09.2009 Redneck, Jyväskylä (+ Dark The Suns)
21.11.2009 Heavy Corner, Helsinki (+ Avenie)
17.12.2009 Klubi, Tampere (+ Avenie & My Fate)

AUGUST, 18th // 2009

Due to bankruptcy of the club, our gig at Oulu on Sep 25th has been cancelled. We hope to book a replacement gig in Oulu soon.

JULY, 22th // 2009

Just wanted to say that we returned successfully from our Latvian expedition and that we'd liked to thank all the promoters & organizers at both clubs, our sponsors here in Finland and last but not least everyone who came to see our shows! We had a blast and hope to return there soon!
We also have some pictures from our trip and they will be online as soon as we get our new gallery system up and running.

PS: New reviews of Grave New World online at Imhotep website, Metal-Temple and Thoughts Of Metal, so go check 'em out!

MAY, 28th // 2009

Soulfallen interviewed in the latest Miasma magazine (2/2009), so go and check it out!
We also have another minitour coming up, this time in Latvia. The dates will be 12.-13.6. and the cities Riga and Liepaja respectively, so be sure to check them out! More details about the shows can be found from our live section.

APRIL, 1st // 2009

Our new album 'Grave New World' received the honor of being the Album of the Month at Read the review here.

MARCH, 30th // 2009

With a nice notice Shade Empire decided to cancel both gigs we planned to play together this spring. Despite this setback, we will not cancel these gigs and in Kajaani Shade Empire will be replaced by Silentium.

To brighter news, our new album 'Grave New World' will be played for 24 hours at a (pre-)listening session at Heavy Law on Friday April 3rd. The player is located at the end of the main page. Enjoy!

And finally you can vote for Soulfallen to play at Nosturi on April 24th. Just click the following link and follow the simple instructions and we'll be one step closer to playing there.
Click here to vote! (You can vote again every 24 hours)
Soulfallen thanks you for your support!

MARCH, 4th // 2009

Grave New World released today! Make sure to get your copy for example from Record Shop X or Swamp Music.

FEBRUARY, 19th // 2009

There will be a 'Grave New World' pre-listening party at Inferno bar Jyväskylä on Friday 20th February! Showtimes 22.15 and 23.15. Welcome!

FEBRUARY, 18th // 2009

Starting from today - until the new album is released - there will be a new song posted on our myspace-site at every day! For maximum comfort, be sure visit the site daily!

First reviews of 'Grave New World' are also out! Check them out from Soundi magazine (2/2009) and another one from

And there's more! Our new album 'Grave New World' can now be pre-ordered from Levykauppa ÄX / Record Shop X! Record Shop X supports credit card & Paypal payments and they ship worldwide, so don't miss your chance to order your copy today!

Ennakkotilaa täältä - Pre-order here

FEBRUARY, 16th // 2009

Welcome to the new and improved official Soulfallen gravesite! The shroud of mystery has been unveiled and we are glad to announce that our new album titled 'Grave New World' will be released on March 4th! The album was recorded during the dark months of November / December 2008 at Studio Watercastle by the cunning Arttu Sarvanne and mastered in January at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila.

This new plague will consist of nine anthems of dark metal infamy surely to haunt the feeble minds of men to their decrepit ends. In 2007 the world expired and now the time has come for the burial!

Tracklisting for 'Grave New World' will be:

1. A Hearse With No Name
2. Devour
3. To The Wolves At My Door
4. This World Is Bleeding Flies
5. Grave New World
6. Towers Of Silence
7. Embrace The Scythe
8. Serenity's Throne
9. We Are The Sand

We are also proud to introduce a new force behind the drums. A man called Matti Auerkallio will be playing with us on our Grave New World release tour 2009. Some of you may know him from his various bands & projects and for the rest I can assure you he is the right man for the job! But don't take my word for it and come see us live.

The first single from the new album titled "Devour" is also now available for downloading. Hope you enjoy it & see you on our Grave New World Tour 2009!

And as a closure for this blast of all-exciting news, we still got one ace up our sleeves. Aapeli and Simo made an endorsement deal with Musamaailma, and are from now on playing exclusively with ESP and LTD guitars. Very nice!

DECEMBER, 22th // 2008

We have successfully finished the recordings of our second album titled 'Grave New World'. During the session we parted ways with our drummer Jimmy Salmi.

NOVEMBER, 28th // 2008

May tomorrow become the day! For it is tomorrow that we redescend into the fiery pits of Studio Watercastle to invoke our second plague upon the earth. This successor titled 'Grave New World' will continue the dark path that was begun with 'World Expiration' pushing the extremes even further. The aggressive parts will be more ravening than ever and the softer parts even more haunting and dream-like. This package straight from Hell will be wrapped in the melancholic dark melodies that form the very black-blooded core that is SOULFALLEN yet in way unheard before. If World Expiration gave you the chills Grave New World will freeze your spine off!

This new horror will be released upon men by Off Records / Firebox Records in the beginning of March 2009! Meanwhile you can observe the burial progress from our brand new studio diary at:
Let us begin...

NOVEMBER, 6th // 2008

Just wanted to say that we came back alive from Russia and that our Mini-Tour there was indeed a great success! We wish to thank the organizers & staff in both clubs, all the other bands and of course all the people who came to see our shows! Thank you so much! You all made us feel so welcome in Russia that we can't wait to come back soon!

SEPTEMBER, 23th // 2008

More info about our Russian Mini-Tour. We'll do two shows: one in St. Petersburg & one in Moscow on October 25th & 26th respectively. Check out the details from our Live-section.

AUGUST, 29th // 2008

Word just in that we'll be supporting DIABLO in Lutakko, Jyväskylä, on the 5th of September. So be there or be square!

AUGUST, 25th // 2008

It makes us very glad to announce that we will be doing a Mini-Tour in Russia in October. Needless to say we are all VERY excited. More information about the Tour coming later as the details unveil themselves...

AUGUST, 18th // 2008

We have just confirmed that we'll be playing on Saturday 23th at the Selviytyjät Private MetalFest. We're filling in for Catamenia, who had to cancel their show.

JULY, 28th // 2008

Now you can also download our brand spanking new video from here and enjoy it with much better quality than what YouTube can offer.

JULY, 24th // 2008

It has arrived! Our first music video ever is now finally finished and for all of you to see! It took a little more time to finish then we anticipated, but we decided to take the time to make it perfect instead of ruining it with too much haste. The video is made for the song Death Of The Tyrant and it was made by a Finnish company called CoreFront. Needless to say that we are all very excited about the new video and also dying to know what you think about it! So watch it, love it, masturbate to it and leave your comment at the door. And of course praise it to all your friends and spread the Death!

In other news it's time to let you know what evil plans we've been up to lately. There hasn't been a lot gigs this summer and we'll only do a selected amount of gigs this year, since we (have been and) wish to concentrate writing material for our next album. The new album is set to be recorded in December at the good old Studio Watercastle with the release planned for sometime in February / March 2009! More information about the new album coming later as the mystery around it begins to unfold.

But wait! There's more. To make time pass a little smoother awaiting the next album, we decided to release a second free web single from our debut album World Expiration. The song is the blistering opening track (excluding the intro) titled 'Third Day Of The Eclipse'. Enjoy!





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